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thumb_up In these guides you will find all information about WoW Grinder, its functions and the optimal settings.
Full Setup Guide

In this video you will find all occurrences and how to adjust them, to get to the optimal settings.

Start - 00:00
Basics - 00:41
Loot Settings - 01:50
Fine Tuning - 04:10
07:29 - Bobber
08:37 - Result
09:38 - Overview
09:59 - Profiles
So that Knutschfisch can work exactly, you can select your game (World of Warcraft) by a click on "Check".
Knutschfisch recognizes the game automatically.
This button is used to eject your fishing rod.

In the game, open your spellbook and draw your fishing skill on a key of your choice.
(The skill of the fishing instructor must be learned beforehand.)

Enter the selected key as a fishing skill in Knutschfisch.
The fishing frame allows you to choose within which area the ejected float can be found.
Be generous with your selection!

Click on "Set Frame" in Knutschfisch and mark the corresponding area of the water in the game.
Manage your loot options independently.

Try it first with the default settings.

Take a look at your loot frame. Select "Show Loot Frame" and start Knutschfisch.
Now you can set it at will. Click on the info icon for more information.

Choose between several colors that Knutschfisch should recognize. Knutschfisch searches for the color white (#FFFFFF) within the loot frame by default. Edit the default color or choose more colors to adapt the loot detection to your needs. If several colors are active, Knutschfisch will only loot when all colors in the splash have been found within the loot frame.

Move the Sensitivity slider in steps of 5 to optimize your settings.

This is the exciting part of Knutschfisch.
Here you decide about your success.

Be sure that you specified your fishing skill in Knutschfisch.
Click on "Pick Color" and wait until your float is visible or the fishing rod has been thrown out.
Now mark the area where your float can be seen.

A window will open with your selection.

To get the best possible success rate, you should choose a bright / prominent color.
To automatically attach your bait, Knutschfisch needs a macro.
Click on "ESC" in the game and select "Macros" (see right picture).

Click "New" below, choose an icon and name of your choice for your macro.

Confirm your selection and enter the following macro:

/use 16

Replace "NAME OF LURE" with the bait you want to attach.
Now click on your chosen macro icon and drag it into your castbar.
To test it, press the corresponding button.

Indicate how long a bait will last in minutes.
Every XX minutes the lure is automatically attached.
You can choose between email or push notifications, if you want to be notified about different actions. When enabled, a message will send at your intervals indicating your progress.

The option Pushover requires the app "Pushover" (iOS / Android) and is chargeable (UNIQUE).
Download the app "Pushover" on your mobile phone.
On [url=][/url] you can register and generate a Token + UserKey (API).

Try "Test" in Knutschfisch to see if everything works.
In order to use this function optimally, a new chat window should be created in which only Whisper messages are displayed.

The "Set Frame" function under "Notification", "Options" (Whisper) allows you to select your chat area.

Now send a message with /w NICKNAME MESSAGE and click on "Pick Color".
Mark your whisper message. This will be displayed zoomed in.

There you choose a pink point of your choice.
Check "Notify me" to activate this option.

A test with the "Test" button confirms if your Whisper has been recognized.
Select your life bar with "Set-Frame".

Click on "Pick Color" and select the green area of the bar.
Now a click on a green dot of your choice.
Test with the "test" button if everything worked.
Use this feature to end the game at any time or even shut down your PC.
To do this, type the number of minutes in the provided textfield and choose one of your desired options.